You make the (navigational) call to Olean, N.Y.

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

By Colin Dunlap | 10 p.m. Tuesday

OK, here is the deal -- I am putting a ton of trust in you folks (probably more than I should in a bunch of college basketball crazies who I only know by some screen names).

Your detail over the next 13 hours is simple, very simple: You get to vote on the route I will take from my Hampton Township home to the Duquesne game at St. Bonaventure on Wednesday night. I have already consulted with my GPS and arrived at two options:

  1. The "All Highway, but longer-in-mileage" route ... straight up I-79 to Erie, then across 90 and 86 into Olean.


      2.  The "Non-Highway, but shorter-in-mileage" route ... that one takes me up Route 28 then to 66 and through Kane and Bradford before shooting across the New York line into Olean. 


This is serious, I am not joking around. I am going to tabulate the votes at precisely 11 a.m. on Wednesday morning and trust whichever way you send me. When you vote, I expect you to make a case as to why you voted one way or the other.

Remember this when you vote: I live in Hampton, will be leaving around noon(ish) and access to both 79 and 28 is simple, so fighting through any Pittsburgh traffic is not a factor.

Also, weather does not look to be a factor at all.

This should be fun, I want to hear what you have to say ....



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