Return of the B-word at WVU

Written by Paul Zeise on .

It's baaaaaack: the term buyout.

Just when West Virginia administrators, donors and fans thought it was safe to jump back into contract waters, up rises that frightening fin again. Let alone the fact that the university, the fan base, the state was pulled into national attention -- talk about deep, murky waters -- by the WVU Board of Governors v. Rodriguez case, but when school officials seemingly were making an effort to get out of the business of Termination Clauses or Liquidated Damages, out comes the news about powerful people being angry that such language was inserted late into Bill Stewart's new deal.

And here's that deal.

Update: If you were wondering about how some of the Mountaineers players were responding to fans' unrest and attitude toward the somewhat embattled coach. . .

Safety Quinton Andrews: "I feel pressure to win. . . . There is always going to be pressure, and me being the person that I am, I want to do my best so Coach Stew can look really good, because I know he's trying his best. The whole team feels the same thing, and we want to keep him as our coach."

Cornerback Ellis Lankster: "We just ignore [the pressure], but at the same time we are going to respond to it to get our fans back and make them happy."

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