Q&A submission 11/03/09 -- Kragthorpe's comments

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By Colin Dunlap | 4:55 p.m. Tuesday

QUESTION: What do you make of Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe saying that WVU fans throw batteries and that they won't be quite as drunk this time because the game is at Noon?

Tony Crawford, Wheeling, WV

DUNLAP:  My, my, my, what has happened to the world? Does everything have to be taken so seriously and, well, literally? Steve Kragthorpe has always been - and will always be - one of the best quotes in college football. The guy was having a little fun with the West Virginia fan base and, in a way, paying a huge compliment. He was sounding off on his admiration for Mountaineer Nation and explaining, in a funny way, just how devoted the WVU football fans are. I would guess, in a way, he was also taking a jab at Louisville's fan base, which got 21,497 fans at its last home game. Again, Kragthorpe is an engaging and funny dude, always has been. If you didn't get a chuckle out of his comments, that is your problem, he was just trying to make a joke.


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