Robert Sands was the best player on the field against Pitt

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

By Colin Dunlap | 1 a.m. Sunday

In searching for a follow-up story from West Virginia's victory against Pitt on Friday night, there were a couple different directions to go. 

There was the "Tyler Bitancurt" angle -- heck, the kid went 4 for 4.

There was the "WVU went undefeated at home this year" angle -- no small accomplishment.

There was the "Noel Devine hit another home run" angle -- he always does in big games, it seems like.

But, after looking at everything, the direction to go was obvious. How about the "Robert Sands was, far-and-away, the best player on the field against Pitt in Morgantown on Friday night" angle.

That's what I went with:

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