Tuesday's practice dispatches from Jacksonville

Written by Colin Dunlap on .

By Colin Dunlap | 4:42 p.m. Tuesday


First, some various, good audio from the players.

Here's Jock Sanders, touching ever-so-briefly on the NFL. To begin the interview, he was asked by someone else if he's thought about it. Then, I asked him if Noel Devine has talked about his (meaning Noel's) intentions:


This is Jacksonville native Guesly Dervil talking about what this program has meant to him: 


OK, now a photo.

This is something that might come into play a little later in the week (or maybe not). It is defensive lineman Chris Neild riding an excercise bike. The riding of the bike doesn't mean a whole lot, the fact that he had his leg taped a bit does. For West Virginia's sake (and being that Scooter Berry isn't here) hopefully Big Neild is OK.

Now for some notes:

  • To further that above clip from Jock Sanders, Stewart says that no junior has approached him yet to submit the paperwork for the NFL seeking a gauge on the NFL Draft. Noel Devine and Sanders (and perhaps Scooter Berry) would be the most likely candidates. In speaking to Sanders today, I got the impression -- and this is purely opinion -- the he does not want to leave early. On the other hand, no one asked Devine. In recent press gatherings when he was asked, he was irked by the question and also said he would "leave it in God's hands."
  • I asked to speak to God regarding the status of Devine and the NFL. West Virginia football sports communication director Mike Montoro said God wasn't available for comment regarding that matter.
  • Robert Sands was his usual jovial self in front of the media. The guy is a sure-fire NFL talent and is quickly becoming one of the media's go-to guys.
  • I get a shout out from Bob Hertzel in his column here:
  • West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart expects his defense to be a little bit ahead of the offense on Friday (at least at the start) -- nothing unusual for bowl games. 
  • When I jokingly asked Chris Neild (the best quote on the team), as he was riding the exercise bike if he "now has learned how to ride a two-wheeler" he came back with a good retort. He laughed, looked down and stated the obvious, ruining my joke as he said, "It just has one wheel, smart guy." Touche.







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