Do you snap up the latest gadget, or are you a late adopter?

Written by Ced Kurtz on .

I'm a late adopter.  I'm still carrying a Blackberry 8703 (courtesy of mine employer) and my iPod is about four years old.  Don't get me wrong ... budget permitting, I'd be just like this guy.  But right now I have this condition, commonly known as Emptius Walletitis, and it pretty much guarantees that all of my toys are someone else's hand-me-downs.

Of course, being a late adopter has its advantages.  I wasn't stung by Apple when they released the iPhone for $499 and then dropped the price a couple months later.  I've never taken home a gadget that didn't work because of a flaw that was later patched by the manufacturer.  And Windows Vista is a newcomer to my house - it arrived on the laptop my wife purchased earlier this year.

So what about you?  Are you a late adopter or a gadget grabber?



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