Nanotubes to the rescue

Written by Ced Kurtz on .

Scientists have found a way to convert CO2 back into energy using titanium oxide nanotubes and sunlight.

March 23, 2009 -- Powered by sunlight, titanium oxide nanotubes can turn carbon dioxide into methane, which can be harnessed as an energy source, say scientists at Pennsylvania State University.

The nanotubes could dramatically reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and reduce our need for fossil fuels.

"Right now there is lots of talk about burying carbon dioxide, which is ridiculous," said Craig Grimes of Penn State, who, along with Oomman Varghese, Maggie Paulose and Thomas LaTempa, co-authored a paper on the nanotubes in the journal Nano Letters. "Instead we can collect the waste out of the smoke stack, put it though a converter, and presto, use sunlight to change [CO2] back into fuel."

This is a remarkable achievement, and in the laboratory they're already converting the greenhouse gas into methane by the gallon.

Source: Discover News

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