Thin-client your office by replacing a wall jack?

Written by Ced Kurtz on .

This is sweet - a computer that fits inside your wall in the same space that the Ethernet jack takes up now.  It's a thin client computer, which means it has no real permanent storage or RAM locally, and all of its work is held on a central server in your office.  As a result, it's 100% immune to viruses, trojans and theft (i.e., someone could chisel it out of your wall but they wouldn't get your data).

The gadget is powered over the Ethernet cable that feeds it, so the only power cord you'll need at your workstation is for the monitor.  Total power consumption is 3.5W plus whatever power your monitor needs (roughly 40W for a 19" widescreen LCD).

This would be a dynamite solution for a small business like a doctor's office or insurance agency.

Source: Chip PC


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