Some headlines that are sure to be bogus

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Being a service kind of column and seeing that April Fools' Day is coming on Wednesday, TechMan wants to help readers avoid being taken in by a gag. So if you see these headlines anywhere, you can be pretty sure they are an attempt to get one over on you.

Pittsburgh man helps Nigerian official slip $300 million out of the country, receives half of it.

E-mail informs Upper St. Clair woman she has won Irish lottery, she collects millions despite never buying a ticket.

Dormont man takes pills bought on Internet, sees lower body part grow noticeably.

Ross senior citizen responds quickly to e-mail by typing banking password into a Web site, helps prevent theft from her account.

Microsoft says Windows 7 will never be hacked; security is 100 percent assured.

Mac user speaks humbly of his computer choice.

Recording Industry Association of America disbands law department, decides to concentrate on coming up with a business model to help record companies prosper in the digital age instead of suing college students.

Apple sues frozen food industry for copyright violation for using the word pod on packages of frozen peas.

Dormont man sets up home computer network, has no problems.

Ross woman buys new smartphone, finds it is easy to use, especially for typing.

Glenshaw teen repeatedly accesses music sharing sites, doesn't get computer virus.

Bridgeville woman buys new electronic device, gets a clear printed user's manual with it.

Comcast pulls new animated TV commercial off the air because so many customers complain that it is extremely irritating.

Shadyside woman calls technical support for new computer, phone call is answered quickly in understandable English and problem is solved.

Coraopolis man buys assembly-required computer desk, no screws are missing from package.

Cell phone of Monroeville man runs out of charge after he is done using it for the day.

Everyone is ready for switch to digital television June 12.

Spammers apologize and promise to step sending unwanted e-mails.

Busy Fox Chapel executive spends an entire day on vacation without checking e-mail.

Big box retailer advertises great price on HDTV, has more than one in store.

TechMan wins Pulitzer for distinguished technology reporting.


On another April Fools' matter, reports are that the Conficker C virus may do something nasty on Wednesday.

As you may remember, TechMan wrote about the Conficker worm in a column on Feb. 22. The worm may have infected millions of Windows computers and turned them into bots that can do the will of those who now can control them. Conficker C is the latest variant and has some nasty turns.

Security specialists believe that Conficker C will "go off" on April 1. What it will do is anyone's guess. It could send out spam or download more malware or destroy data or do nothing.

Some security specialists are recommending that you back up your system before Wednesday. Backing up is always a good idea.

But at the very least, you should make sure your updates are current for both Windows and your security programs because Conficker C can turn off automatic updating.


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