The great Bob Barr, Ralph Nader smackdown (yawn)

Written by Reg Henry on .

The Bob Barr campaign last night sent out a press release that had an unintentional air of sadness about it:

Bob Barr and Ralph Nader to Debate in Ohio

Thursday's Debate Will be First and Last Meeting of the Two Candidates

 CLEVELAND, OH - The City Club of Cleveland is hosting a debate between Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee Bob Barr, consumer activist Ralph Nader and Pastor Chuck Baldwin on Thursday, October 30 at 4:30 p.m. EDT. When: Thursday, October 30, at 4:30 p.m. EDT. Babar the elephant

Where: The City Club of Cleveland; 50 Euclid Ave, 2nd Floor, Cleveland, OH

Topic: The Economy: "Where do we go from here?" This will be the first professionally organized debate to include both Bob Barr and Ralph Nader ...

So said the press release. It might as well have said: Two great whales are making waves in a giant ocean before a vast fleet of boats; meanwhile, in a lonely lagoon, a crab, a clam and a sardine are wondering what new level of obscurity they will go on to from here. More people know Babar the elephant.

As usual, there will be those who insist it is all the fault of the media. If only the media would treat all candidates equally, Americans would be able to judge for themselves.

But all candidates are not equal, not in their stature, not in their realistic chances of winning. Only two candidates have a chance of winning and the rest have none - and it's not because this is a chicken-and-egg situation and the media won't feed the chicken to make the egg.

There's no plumping up these chickens. Bob Barr, hypocritical impeacher of Bill Clinton, and Ralph Nader, the egotistical crusader of 2000 who helped deliver America up to George W. Bush, have earned their obscurity the old-fashioned way. (The Rev. Baldwin is the Constitution Party candidate, a group which might do well if it were campaigning in the 18th or 19th centuries but has the disadvantage of finding itself in the 21st).

Voters could be told all about these candidates and they would still lose by great margins thanks to the residual commonsense of the American people.


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