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Written by Reg Henry on .

In the most suspenseful moment in America since Geraldo opened Al Capone's vault and found nothing, mystery blogger PittGirl has unmasked herself to reveal someone most of us don't know.

Still, I suppose that her ordinary station in life serves to underscore her extraordinary achievement in causing so much excitement that the mainstream media (newspaper division) was interested enough to do a story.

I say hurrah for her. And on reading that she has two little children at home - one a 2-year-old, a member of the perennial class of terrible twos - I say double hurrah.

We have a PghGirl who posts replies to this blog. Can this be the same Super Mom? It would be very flattering but I do not ask her to out herself.

Instead, I have a question, Recently, she wrote:

"For every talk-radio host or whoever questioning Obama's birth location, there are 20 ‘journalists' in the popular media whining that opposition to this ridiculously superficial, vague, un-researched healthcare proposal is "racism" directed at our multi-racial President-- even though the crappy proposals were drafted by our almost totally white Congress."

OK, I'm game, PghGirl. Instead of outing yourself, out the 20 "journalists" in the popular media who you think have been whining about health-care opposition and charging racism. Citations please.

Actually, I am going easy on you because at least several talk show hosts have been on the health-care vendetta and you should really be producing 60 names of journalists under your formula. But I'll give you a break on the grounds of hyperbole, of which I am frequently guilty myself.

Of course, I don't doubt someone has done this - America is a big country - but I suspect you might be hard put to find more than half a dozen. Two or three then? Just one? Anybody? Frankly, I can't remember anybody but - as several people have told me - I live on another planet.

So enlighten me and all the other alternative planet dwellers. This is not a gotcha moment. As one who cares about journalism and sees it as mostly a force for good in the world, I am genuinely interested. If I have something to learn, I would be happy to learn it. I will not reference this again, so you are unencumbered by any potential embarrassment from me.

By the way, I am glad you are posting replies to this blog. Thank you. All are welcome. Even the ever cranky MyReply.


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