The coming night of horror

Written by Reg Henry on .

Tonight is the State of the Union Address. No matter who is the president, I look forward to these occasions as much as a plague of boils. To see the ranks of congressional hypocrites, alternately sitting on their hands or cheering wildly out of all proportion to what the president is saying, is a special torture.

George Washington had the right idea - he just mailed his address to Congress. If we must suffer like this, I believe the broadcast should be piped to the detainees still held at Guantanamo Bay. That should teach them for messing with America.

Of course, I will watch. It is my civic duty - but I will enjoy it as much as any kid made to eat spinach and I reserve the right to whine later. And what can Obama say anyway? Things are all screwed up, as I described this morning in my column. Its point was that the free-ranging anger in the body politic is fast rendering America ungovernable. To unwittingly confirm this point, various rabid people wrote to me today all full of pus and vinegar. It always amazes me that something written in good humor can evoke such bad humor, but apparently that is my special talent.

But not everybody was so cranky. I received the following note, an oasis of cheerfulness in a harsh desert. I note that the faithful hound of this blog, Rover Fido Spot III, was thinking along the same lines in his last comment. Good boy!

I reprint this with the permission of the author:

"Poetry lovers, can you rhyme the word ‘filibuster'"?

I will try, Reg. Ahem.


Seldom was seen such storm and bluster

As once was found in a filibuster

In off year races, New England moans, the ghost of Ted the lion groans, and now our corns will grow corn pones, health care reform's forgot.

Yet 2012 will soon be near, non-stop campaigning we don't fear, we have seen that change is here

And it's more of the same old lot.

Nary a congress passes muster

To avoid the dreaded filibuster

Now screaming down the hill we go, to find imaginary foes, the injuns from the cowboy shows, those racist tropes of old...

We must cast blame both far and wide, congresscritters cannot hide, and all our comments will be snide, as power makes them bold.

T'was easier to glorify General Custer

Than t'is to miss a filibuster.

 Eh, it's a little clumsy, but so am I.

Jamie Fritz

Penn Hills (despairing, yet a democrat all the same)


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