Literary pizza

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The writerly community in Pittsburgh is full of surprises. Not only do we read, write, criticize and smooze, we can also cook. The other night, I joined forces with Sherrie Flick, doyen of Gist Street Reading Series and fine fiction writer, to feed  our homemade pizza to a crowd at Diane and Chuck Kinder's sumptuously renovated kitchen on Wightman Street.

Sherrie, being more of a "Moosewood Cookbook" baker, favors the hearty whole-wheat crust and curious toppings including crushed pistachios and pomegranate.

Pizza chefsOn the other hand, I as a follower of Marcella Hazan, go for the Napoli style of thin, thin crust, fresh marina and fresh mozzerella. (My secret: Doppio Zero flour, direct from Italia via Pennsylvania Macaroni).

The combination was perfecto -- hearty, healthy on one hand, light and airy on the other. Expertly using the two-oven Kinder kitchen, Sherrie and I, with baking stones, pizza peel and lots of vino, kept the pizzas coming. Thanks to Sherrie's hubby, Rick, for the photos

. Thanks to Chuck and Diane for the hospitality and, as always, generous spirit.



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