George Orwell lives at G20 protests

Written by Bob Hoover on .


"Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper tonight said David Japenga was taken into custody shortly after 11 p.m. Thursday after police witnessed him breaking businesses' windows during a protest along Forbes Avenue in Oakland.

Chief Harper said Mr. Japenga, who at first refused to give his name, then gave the false name of Eric Blair, broke more than 20 storefront windows and glass doors, including $20,000 worth of windows at Citizens Bank on Craig Street in Oakland. He was single-handedly responsible, Chief Harper said, for most of the $50,000 in damage done during summit protests." -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 26.

Eric Blair, eh? Maybe Japenga was making an ironic statement, easy to do around law enforcement officers not noted for their appreciation of irony.

Eric Blair is George Orwell's real name, He served in Britain's Imperial Police in Burma for five years during the 1920s until he became fed up with the political injustice of the job. His novel, "Burmese Days," tells the tale.


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