Penguins at Flyers - 12-14-10

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-Hey guess where we are:

-No, not quite:

-Prior to the game, Versus sideline reporter Carissa Thompson is accosted by some skeevy looking guy with a ratty mustache:

-EN reader Mike Salvio offers a photo of warm ups:

-Evgeni Malkin returns to the lineup. The Penguins' starters are Sidney Crosby, Pascal Dupuis, Malkin, Kris Letang, Brooks Orpik and Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Chris Kunitz will sit. Along with Kunitz, their scratches are Eric Godard and Ben Lovejoy.

-The Flyers' starters are Claude Giroux, Andreas Nodl, Mike Richards, Matt Carle, Chris Pronger and Brian Boucher.

-Their scratches are Oskars Bartulis, Jody Shelley and Matt Walker.

-Looks like the lines and defensive pairings for the Penguins will be:

Evgeni Malkin - Sidney Crosby - Pascal Dupuis
Matt Cooke - Maxime Talbot - Arron Asham
Chris Conner - Mark Letestu - Tyler Kennedy
Mike Rupp - Dustin Jeffrey - Craig Adams

Brooks Orpik - Kris Letang
Paul Martin - Zbynek Michalek
Alex Goligoski - Ben Lovejoy


19:14: Off a faceoff win, Braydon Coburn drives a slapper from the right point

18:48: Scott Hartnell drops Matt Cooke along the right wing wall in the Flyers' zone with a nice shoulder check.

16:30: Mike Rupp chips the puck down ice from his own zone. Chris Pronger races back and touches up for icing. It's the third icing call of the game for the Penguins already.

16:16: Matt Carle booms a slapper from the left circle. Fleury makes the save but boots out an iffy rebound to the slot. Andreas Nodl is tied up with Paul Martin a bit and hurries the shot with a wide open net. It goes wide. He totally biffed on that juicy chance.

16:04: Crosby zips up the right wing wall to boos and whips a backhander on net. Boucher gloves it with ease.

15:38: Malkin is denied down low by Boucher.

15:22: Ville Leino has a backhander down low denied by Fleury.

13:56: Letang chops a half slapper from the right point. It's wide on the far side.

13:47: Coming back from commercial, an interview with Arron Asham is played. He has this scary but sad vibe about him:

12:46: Crosby cycles down low with the puck below the Flyers' goal line but is knocked off it in a one-on-one battle with Jeff Carter. You don't see that too often.

9:06: Off a poor turnover by Letang in the left wing corner in his own zone, Nodly has a chance down low on a backhander. Fleury's left foot denies him. Orpik plays the rebound away. Letang owes Fleury a beer after that.

7:28: That was kind of bad looking. Fleury goes flying behind his net for a dump in but loses his stick. He ends up giving it to Danie Briere down low. The puck ends up with Pronger on the right point. He whips a shot into traffic. It hits a body or two and comes to Giroux in the left circle. He rips a wrister by the blocker of Fleury with ease. Put that one on Fleury. Pronger and Briere get assists. Fleury could made a case for one. Flyers 1-0.

5:32: Off another turnover down low, Fleury denies Blair Betts in tight.

4:51: Kimmo Timonen sneaks in from the right point and chops a half slapper on net. Fleury knocks it away with his blocker.

3:13: After some cycling down low, Conner whips a backhander from the left circle. Boucher fends it off.

2:28: Talbot whips a wrhister on net from the slot. Boucher eats it up. Flyers fans offer "booooooo" cheers for their goaltender.

2:23: Asham chops a slapper from the left circle. Boucher fights it off and deflects the puck out of play.

1:28: Nodl tries taking the puck wide on the left wing but Engelland muscles him into the boards and off the puck.

0:51: Off a turnover by Boucher, Dustin Jeffrey sneaks in from the right wing corner and is denied down low by Boucher.

0:34: A rocket by Pronger from the right point is deflected out of play by Fleury.

0:20: Malkin challenges Pronger and Carle one on two. Pronger ends that battle quickly with a poke check.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 1, Penguins 0.


-There's pretty much one way to describe that period:

-Kind of boring. Both teams were kind of tame. Each played it safe. And there was barely any physical play. Really odd for this rivalry.

-That said, the Flyers quietly dominated that period. They kept play in the Penguins' zone for the most part and forced the Penguins into quite a few turnovers.

-Malkin was pretty unremarkable in that period. If it weren't for the 71 on his back, we would not have been able to distinguishi him from Arron Asham or Dustin Jeffrey.

-Fleury's stick-handling still makes you hold your breath.

-The Flyers led in shots, 12-7.

-Timonen led the game with three shots.

-Malkin led the Penguins with two.

-Letang leads the game with 8:07 of ice time.

-Timonen leads the Flyers with 7:15.

-The Flyers have a 13-12 lead in faceoffs (52 percent).

-Jeff Carter is 5 for 8 (63 percent).

-Crosby is 7 for 12 (58 percent).

-No one has more than one blocked shot.


19:31: Malkin finally makes his presence known. He races up the right wing boards into the offensive zone. he draws a penalty as Nodl clips him in the face with a stick. After some cylcing by the Penguins, Malkin chips a wrister on net from the right circle. Nodl goes to the box. Crosby, Cooke, Malkin, Martin and Letang take the ice.

18:45: Malkin whips a wrster from the right circle. Despite a screen by Cooke, Boucher fends it off.

18:18: Malkin blast a one-timer from the rich circle.

18:08: Malkin whips a wrister from the right circle. Boucher eats it up. Cooke is in front battling and his shoved into the cage by Pronger and company. A scrum breaks out. Cooke ends up being the only gone to the penalty box. Not sure how that works out. Four-on-four for 37 seconds.

17:31: The Nodl penalty is killed. The Flyers will have 1:23: of power play time.

16:25: Letang steals the puck off Leino in the left wing corner in the Penguins' zone and skates it up out of danger to eat some time.

16:06: As the Cooke minor expires, Adams steals a puck off Hartnell in the neurtal zone, gains the offensive zone on the left wing and whips a wrister wide on the near side.

14:43: Talbot forces Coburn into a turnover with a hip check behind the Flyers' net.

12:47: Briere's stick gets hooked up in Goligoski's left arm pit. That's two minutes for Briere. Versus commentator Andy Brickly points out Goligoski probably intentionally held on to the stick there. Regardless, the Penguins get a power play. Cooke, Malkin, Crosby, Letang and Goligoski take the ice.G

12:21: Letang puts a slapper on net from the top of the slot. Boucher appears to make the inital save. Cooke and Crosby each have chances on the rebound but can't bury it.

11:37: Welcome back Evgeni Malkin. Malkin controls the puck in the right circle. He taps it to Goligoski at the top of the slot. Goligoski taps it back to him. Malkin unleashes a wicked one-timer which beats Boucher over his glove hand shoulder on the near side. What a rocket. Goligoski and Crosby get assists. Crosby now has 19-game scoring streak. Flyers 1, Penguins 1.

11:28: Off the ensuing faceoff, Conner is nabbed for holding Coburn. Talbot, Michalek, Orpik and Dupuis take the ice.

10:15: Pronger blast a cannon shot from the right point. Fleury makes the initial save. Hartnell has a chance on a juicy rebound but puts it high to the far side with a backhander. He has to bury that.

9:29: Carter spins and whips a hard wrister on net. Fleury knocks it down with his blocker with a "thwack!"

9:28: Conner's minor expires. The Flyers put a lot of heat on the Penguins' net there.

8:55: Kennedy, on with Malkin and Crosby, snaps off a wrister from above the left circle. Boucher boots it away with his left leg.

7:50: Dupuis skates with Conner and Letestu.

7:32: What. A. Shot. Zherdev coasts up the left wing one-on-one with Orpik. He ccuts towards the slot as Orpik slides down for a block attempt. He lifts a gentle little wrister over the shoulder of Fleury's blocker side. It clunks off the cross bar and into the net. Wow! Great shot by Zherdev, but what was Orpik doing on that play? James van Riemsdyk and Sean O'Donnell get assists. Flyers 2-1.

6:46: After a scum near the Penguins' net, Engelland is called for hooking Briere. Adams, Jeffrey, Michalek and Orpik take the ice.

5:37: Timonen chops a slapper from above the left circle. Fleury steers it away to the corner.

4:46: The Engelland minor is killed. The Flyers didn't have much going on there.

4:08: Malkin whips a backhander from the right circle off the side of the cage.

3:22: Andrej Mezaros snaps off a wrister from the right point. It hits a body or two on its way to the Fleury knocks it down and swats it away wit his stick.

1:54: Talbot hustles into the offensive zone on the left wing. He grips and rips a wrister high to the far side. It catches bouche with his glove-side shoulder and bounces behind him. Boucher looks back and falls on the puck to freeze play.

1:45: Michalek is nabbed for holding Giroux. Michalek protests the call. Martin, Orpik, Cooke and Talbot take the ice.

1:34: Shorthanded, Cooke rips a wrister from the right circle. Brouche eats it up. Pronger and Talbot get into a bit of a wrestling match in front of Boucher.

0:27: Meszaros grips and rips a wrister from the right circle. Fleury fends it off despite traffic.

0:19: Meszaros rips a another wrister from the right circle wide to the far side.

0:03: Once again, Mezaros whips a wrister from above the right circle. Fleury fends it off.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 2, Penguins 1.


-Things picked up a bit that period. There was plenty of aggressive play from both teams. But we would hardly call it classic Flyers-Penguins.

-The Penguins still look a little hesitant at time. They almost look like they're afraid to take chances.

-Kunitz's absence has been pretty evident. The Flyers have not allowed Crosby or Malkin much space to work with as a result.

-Malkin did pick things up a bit that period. He had a much larger presence.

-The Flyers have not deviated from their bread and butter. They pretty much crash the crease.

-The Flyers have a 23-18 lead in shots.

-Malkin leads the game with seven shots. Oof.

-Timonen and Hartnell each lead the Flyers with four.

-Pronger leads the game with 16:53 of ice time.

-Letang is right behind him with 16:40.

-Faceoffs are even, 20-20 (50 percent).

-Betts is 4 for 4 (100 percent).

-Crosby is 9 for 17 (53 percent).

-Carle leads the game with two blocked shots.


20:00: The Flyers will have 15 seconds of power play time on fresh ice to work with.

19:45: The Michalek minor is killed.

18:44: Briere rips a wrister from the slot wide to the right of the cage.

18:19: Briere and Talbot stage an impromptu Roman-Greco wrestling match in the left circle. Briere is called holding the stick. Talbot is called for interference. Briere pretty much grabbed Talbot's stick and hauled him down. Four-on-four.

17:39: Carle then van Riemsdyk each get denied in tight by Fleury.

17:01: Malkin pushes the puck up ice on the left wing and is clipped in the face again. This time it's by Carle. That's two minutes for high sticking. Four-on-three for 42 seconds. Malkin, Crosby, Letang and Cooke take the ice. Big chance here for the Penguins.

16:42: Malkin controls the puck at the top of the slot. He simply winds up and booms a slapper by Boucher under his left leg. Cooke and Pronger each appeared to screen Boucher. That looked ridiculously simple. Malkin with a big return to the Penguins' lineup. Crosby and Letang get assists. Flyers 2, Penguins 2.

16:19: Briere and Talbot return to the ice.

16:09: Kennedy snaps off  shot from the left circle. Boucher knocks it down as Conner buzzes around.

15:23: Conner deals a puck from the left wing board too Martin moving in off the left wing. Martin rips a shot. Boucher is able to slide to his right and fends it off.

13:46: Rupp is nabbed for tipping Adams, Talbot, Orpik and Michalek take the ice.

13:26: Richards is deep in right wing  and snaps off a wrister from the right wing. Fleury fends it off.

11:46: The Rupp minor is killed. Almost nothing of note there for the Flyers.

10:54: Betts rattles Crosby in the neutral zone. Malkin realiates and smacks Betts away from the puck on the Flyers' blue line. Malkin then gets away with a trip on Coburn. Malkin is called for interference on Coburn. Malkin needs to be disciplined there. Big moment here. Orpik, Michalek, Cooke and Adams take the ice.

10:06: Eventually the Flyers were going to cash in on a power play. Pronger sweeps a wrister on net from above the right circle. Hartnell is in front and appears to get a stick on it. It hops over Fleury's glove-side shoulder and into the net. A nice dirty goal. Put that one on Malkin. Pronger and Timonen get assists. Flyers 3-2.

8:55: Martin dumps Nodl with a hip check at the Penguins' blue line.

8:10: Cooke whips a pedestrian wrister on net from the top of the slot. Boucher gloves it with ease.

7:10: HUUUUGE save by Fleury. After Carter biffs on a point-blank chance, the puck moves out to van Riemsdyk in the slot. He whips a low wrister on net. Fleury knocks it dead and covers. If van Riemsdyk scores, this game is over.

4:21: After a stagnant three minutes or so, Timonen guns a loose puck above the left circle on net with a slapper. Fleury boots it out with his left foot.

2:47: After Dupuis and Malkin each get denied on jam-in attempts, Orpik chops a rebound chance wide.

2:26: Richards coasts up the left wing on a two-on-one with Powe against Letang. Richards puts a shot on net. Fleury boots it out. Powe runs into Fleury and knocks him down. Orpik comes flying back and checks Powe into the net dislodging it. A scrum breaks out. Powe is the only one with a penalty as he's nabbed for goaltending interference. Big chance here for the Penguins here. Do or die. Crosby, Letang, Malkin, Cooke and Goligoski take the ice.

2:07: A slapper by Crosby in the right circle is blocked by Timonen.

1:03: Fleury is pulled for ane extra attacker.

0:52: Letang guns a slapper from the right half wall over the cage.

0:41: Malkin feeds a pass to Letang on the left point. Letang's slapper is wide

0:26: Powe's minor is killed.

0:00: End of game. FLyers 3, Penguins 2.


-Well... it was going to end at some point. It just happened to be at the hands of their biggest rival. And it also happened to be at the hands of a team which was right on their heels in the standings.

-The one thing which has distinguished these two teams over the past half decade is discipline. Generally, the Flyers were the team which would lose its collective mind and take silly penalties. And the Penguins would make them pay. Tonight, the roles were reversed. The Penguins took too many penalties. And one of them, a very undisciplined penalty, ended up being the difference.

-We're not sure how you rate Malkin's game. He clearly came back in a big way by accounting for both of the Penguins' goals. But it's hard to forgive him for the penalty on Powe which led to the game-winning goal by Hartnell.

-Give the Flyers' credit. They surpressed that natural instinct they seemingly have to goon things up and played a smart disciplined game. They ended up winning a staring contest with the Penguins.

-How big was Chris Kunitz's absence? He creates a lot of free space for Crosby and is kind of a de-facto "protector" for Crosby in terms of physical play. He wasn't there tonight and the Flyers were able to cut down on Crosby's time and space.

-By the way, Crosby had no official shots on goal.

-Despite pretty much handing the Flyers' their first goal, Fleury was solid. He made some solid saves down the stretch which gave the Penguins a chance to tie it late.

-Amazing how much of a difference Malkin's presence helped the power play huh?

-Does Crosby shave that nasty mustache now that the Penguins have lost?

-The Flyers dominated shots, 37-23.

-Malkin led the game with eight.

-Timonen led the Flyers with seven.

-Pronger led the game with 26:17 of ice time.

-Letang led the Penguins with 26:10.

-The Flyers had a 31-29 edge in faceoffs (52 percent).

-Betts was 7 for 8 (88 percent).

-Letestu was 5 for 8 (63 percent).

-Carle and Timonen each led the game with three blocked shots.

-Goligoski, Talbot, Orpik, Asham and Crosby each had one blocked shot.

-Crosby recorded his 350th career assist.

-Malkin (405 points) passed up Ron Schock (404) for 11th place on the team's career scoring list.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.

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