A flower that starts to bloom in winter

Written by Doug Oster on .

Every November the garden is graced with blooms of Helleborus niger or the Christmas Rose. It's wonderful to see something poke out of the ground this time of the year. The flowers can last all winter even under a blanket of snow. Some years during a thaw, the honeybees seek the plant in January.

It's the easiest of all plants to grow, thriving in partial shade to full sun. The foliage is green all season, and then the flowers emerge. Once it's in place, hellebores hate to be moved so think about it before you plant one. They can be planted early in the spring and will bloom the subsequent fall. If you found some in a nursery now, they would be fine to get into the ground.

Like snowdrops in the early spring, hellebores are the star of the show this time of the year especially during Indian Summer.

The buds are tinged in purple and each flower looks a little different when it blooms.


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