Penguins at Devils - 10-11-10

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-Hey guess where we are:

-No, not quite:

-We're setting the "Paul Martin used to be a Devil" references at 6 1/2.

-Steigerwald and Bob Errey get one out of the way early:

-Brooks Orpik did not take a warm-up and he is scratched along with Eric Godard.

-The Devils' scratches are Brian Rolston, Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond and Anton Vochenkov.

-Brent Johnson gets the start in net today. The Penguins' other starters are Chris Kunitz, Mike Comrie and Sidney Crosby at forward and Martin and Kris Letang on defense.

-The Devils' starters are Zach Parise, Ilya Kovalchuk, Travis Zajac, defenseman Andy Greene and Henrik Tallinder on defense and Martin Brodeur in net.

-EN reader Ian DeArdo is on hand and sends in few warm up photos:

-The captain being "greeted" by some Devils fans:

-And the national anthem:


19:45: Paul Martin used to be a Devil x2:

19:31: Martin controls the puck at the right point and is booed by all 42 of the Devils fans present.

18:38: Evgeni Malkin falls in the right circle and whips a wrister on net. Brodeur knocks it away.

16:42: Patrik Elias gets teh Devils' first shot on net as he snaps off a wrister from the right faceoff circle. Johnson boots it away with his right leg.

15:37: David Clarkson clacks a shot off the outside of the left post.

14:14: Kovalchuk smacks a quick one-timer off a bouncing puck from the top of the slot. Johnson boots it out.

13:47: Off a delayed penalty, Crosby fights off Kovalchuk from behind the Devils' net, moves towards the right circle, spins and whips a wrister on net. Brodeur boots it out. Kovalchuk is called for holding Crosby. The Penguins send Crosby, Malkin, Alex Goligoski, Comrie and Chris Kunitz to the ice.

12:35: Paul Martin used to be a Devil x3:

12:31: Malkin lugs the puck up the left wing and centers to Letestu in the slot. Letestu snaps off a rising wrister. Brodeur fights it off. Eric Tangradi is there but can't get a handle on the rebound.

11:47: The Kovalchuk penalty expires. The Penguins had a few decent chances on there. The made Brodeur work for some saves.

10:07: Martin blocks a wrister by Parise on the right wing. That leads to Paul Martin used to be a Devil x4:

8:36: Malkin moves off the right wing towards the slot and chops a slapper on net. Brodeur sees it all the way and fights it off.

8:21: Coming back from commercial, we're treated to some pretty awesome footage of Martin playing high school football by Dan Potash.

7:21: Matt Cooke whips a pedestrian wrister on net from the left wing. As Brodeur punches it away with his blocker, Tyler Kennedy crashes into the net and dislodges it. Henrik Tallinder is nabbed for tripping. Kennedy sold that a bit. Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, Goligoski and Comrie take the ice.

6:06: John  MacLean is the Devils new head coach:

-Don't let the shaved head fool you, he's not that John McClane:

5:25: Mike Rupp lifts a wrister on net from the left wing. Brodeur knocks it away with ease.

5:21: The Tallinder penaty expires without much of a threat from the Penguins.

4:51: Kennedy is called for holding Alexander Urbom. Maxime Talbot, Craig Adams, Zbynek Michaek and Paul Martin take the ice.

4:08: From the right wing corner, Jamie Langenbrunner centers a pass to Parise in the slot. Parise re-directs the puck on net. Johnson is able to get his right foot on the puck and boots it out. Tough save.

3:17: Dainius Zubrus mades a rush towards the net doesn't appear to get a clean shot off.

3:06: Jason Arnott cracks a slapper on net. Johnson fights it off despite some traffic.

2:51: The Kennedy penalty is killed. The Devils generated a few decent chances.

2:27: Rod Pelley blasts a slapper from the left circle to the far side. Johnson makes a nifty gloves save.

1:35: From the left of the cage, Letestu tries to jam in a backhanded wraparound. Brodeur hods his ground.

1:13: Letestu snaps off a rising wrister from the left circle. Brodeur knocks it down. Tangradi is there again for the rebound but can't get a stick on it.

1:04: Tangradi forces Kovalchuk into a turnover just outsides the Devils' blue line on the left wing. Goligoski moves up and pokes the puck into the offensive zone. he chases it down, reclaims it and cranks a slapper from above the left circle to the far side which glances off the glove Brodeur and into the cage. What a shot! What an effort by Tangradi to force that turnover. Tangradi gets the only assist. He could make a case to get two. As it is, it's Tangradi's first career NHL point. Penguins 1-0.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 1, Devils 0.


-That was a nice fairly entertaining period. Lots of back and forth action. Plenty of skating.

-Mark Letestu was the best player on the ice. He was going to the net, putting pucks on net and just seemed to be everywhere.

-Tangradi has been strong. He's been buzzing around Devils' net.

-Pascal Dupuis seemed to have a bit more hop in his skating. Amazing what being demoted to the fourth line will do for your motivation.

-The Devils played surprsingly well for only having three lines essentially. But we'll see how well they're playing by the end of the third period.

-The Penguins have a 15-8 lead in shots.

-Letestu is all over the playce and leads the game with five shots.

-No one for New Jersey has more than one.

-Andy Greene leads the game with 9:12 of ice time.

-Martin leads the Penguins with 8:56.

-The Penguins have a 7-6 edge in faceoffs (54 percent).

-Crosby is 5 for 6 (83 percent).

-Pelley is 3 for 5 (60 percent).

-No one has more than one blocked shot.

-During the intermission, Paul Martin used to be a Devil x5:


20:00: Paul Steigerwald said there was no update on Orpik's status.

19:37: Crosby challegnes Mark Fraser one-on-one in the right circle and snaps off a heavy wrister. Brodeur fights it off which his chest.

19:27: Elias trips up Crosby in the slot. That's two minutes for tripping. Goligoski, Crosby, Malkin, Comrie and Cooke take the ice. Cooke? Interesting.

18:00: Zajac leads a two-on-two rush shorthanded up the left wing. He chips a puck into the slot for Parise but Crosby is able to hustle back and deflect it out of play. During the stoppage, the highly underrated "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour is played:

17:27: Just as the Elias penalty expires, Martin slides a backhanded pass to Letang at the left point. Letang cranks a one-timer towards the net. It hits off the front of Letestu, deflects off the left leg of Tallinder, bounces off Letestu's left skate and by Brodeur's left leg and into the cage. That was a the definition of a garbage goal. But kudos to Letestu for just going to the  net, getting dirty and cashing in despite being a small guy at 5-foot-11, 195 pounds. Letang and Martin get assists. The goal does count as a power play score. Penguins 2-0.

17:09: Elias sneaks a pass from deep on the left wing to Arnott in the slot. Arnott has Johnson dead to rights but Johnson is able to boot out his wrister. The puck bounces around and Johnson is able to cover.

13:44: FSN Pittsburgh mentions its the 43rd anniversary of the Penguins' first game, a 2-1 loss to the Canadiens at Mellon Arena. We assume Marc-Andre Fleury, despite not being born yet, was responsible for both Montreal goals.

13:09: Michalek gets crunched into the boards behind the Penguins' net. He stumbles to the ice but recovers to his feet. He seems to be favoring his right shoulder or arm.

12:38: Goligoski cranks a slapper from the right point. Brodeur steers it away despite traffic.

12:20: Michalek can be seen in some significant discomfort on the Penguins bench. Trainer Chris Stewart is attending to him.

11:42: Greene is nabbed for holding Adams. Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, Martin and Comrie take the ice.

11:04: Malkin gains the offensive zone with speed on the right wing. He cuts inside Colin White in the left circle and gets tripped up. White is sent off for tripping. The Penguins have a two-man advantage for 1:23. Have to get a goal here. Crosby, Malkin, Goligoski, Comrie and Kunitz take the ice.

10:51: Off the left point, Malkin cranks a one-timer. Brodeur boots it out with ease.

9:58: Errey mentions Michalek has retreated to the Penguins locker room. Ugh.

9:42: The Greene penalty is killed. The Penguins still have 37 seconds of power play time.

9:04: The White penalty is killed. The Penguins wasted that opportunity.

8:44: Arnott whips a heavy wrister on net from the right circle. Johnson fights it off with a tough blocker save.

7:47: Rupp is called for slashing Zubrus across the left leg. Errey calls the penalty ridiculous, but given that the Penguins have had a few power plays, the officials aren't going to cut them any breaks. Talbot, Dupuis, Letang and Goligoski take the ice.

7:15: Talbot steals a puck at the left point in his own zone and pushes it up the left wing on a mini-breakway. As Kovalchuk gives chase from across the ice, Talbot moves in and is challenged by Brodeur who attempts a poke check. Talbot and Kovalchuk each crash over Brodeur. The puck is loose to the right of the cage. Dupuis comes barging in hoping for the easy goal but Kovalchuk's stick prevents him from getting a clean shot off.

6:51: Cooke leads a rush up the left wing on a two-one-one with Adams on Mark Taormina. Cooke chips a puck into the slot for Adams. Adams one-touches it wide on the far side. Argh... that could've been pretty.

6:01: Clarkson is denied in tight by Johnson. Tough save.

5:47: The Rupp penalty is killed. The Devils power play looked pretty brutal there.

4:22: Tallinder sneaks in deep on the left wing and snaps off a low wrister from a tough angle. Johnson holds it out.

4:00: Kovalchuk enters the offensive zone with speed and challenges Deryk Engelland one-on-one. He makes a move to the outside and gets a step on Engelland, but the Penguins defenseman is able to poke the puck away with a nice stick check.

2:40: Discussing the injury to Volchenkov, Steigerwald references the time he was hit in the head by a slapper by Malkin in the playoffs:

{youtube width="480" height="385"}MXZxoChz420{/youtube}

0:57: Kovalchuk challenges Martin one-on-one off the right wing but Martin knocks the puck away with his own stick check.

0:00: End of period. All 84 of the Devils fans boo them off the ice. Penguins 2, Devils 0.


-Regardless of the circumstances involving the Devils' roster, the Penguins are playing a very good team game right now.

-That said, the Devils are playing without a full lineup.

-The Penguins' power play? No clue.

-Brent Johnson is playing really well. He always gives the team a chance to win whenever he's in the lineup.

-Outside of his effort on the shorthanded scoring chance by Talbot, Kovalchuk has been pretty bad. What a way to spend $100 million.

-An injury to Michalek would be a kick to the gut.

-The Penguins have a 23-15 lead in shots.

-Letestu leads the game with six shots.

-Arnott leads the Devils with three.

-Martin leads the game with 17:35 of ice time.

-Fire Lou Lamoriello.

-Greene leads the Devils with 16:23.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 19-12 (61 percent).

-Crosby is 10 for 12 (83 percent).

-Zubrus is 2 for 3 (67 percent).

-The normally reliable Rob King catches some Pau Alexander Disease and calls Ducks goaltender Jonas Hiller, "Johan" Hiller.

-Late in the intermission, 

-During the intermission, Paul Martin used to be a Devil x6:

-Marc-Andre Fleury knows how to pick a winner:

-Guns N' Roses' You Could Be Mine plays us into the period:

{youtube width="480" height="385"}VlzptZ9wieQ{/youtube}


18:49: Elias jabs a quick shot on net from just inside the left circle. Johnson stands his ground.

17:45: Crosby circles off the right wing and moves a puck to Goligoski at the right point. Goligoski tees up a slapper and puts the puck on net. Brodeur  makes the save. He loses the puck for a bit and swims around his crease. Kunitz and Crosby are sniffing around for the puck but Brodeur is able to recover it and freeze play.

17:08: Errey mentions that Michaek will not return to the game. Gulp...

14:50: Parise is nabbed for tripping Talbot in the netural zone. Talbot didn't exactly provide a ton of resistance to Parise's stick. Malkin, Martin, Crosby, Kunitz and Comrie take the ice.

13:29: Zajac whacks a shot on net form the right wing. Johnson boots it out.

13:19: Errey reminds us that Dick Tarnstrom led the Penguins in scoring in the nightmare that was the 2003-04 season:

{youtube width="480" height="385"}rVrShc_29RE{/youtube}

12:50: The Parise penalty expires with very little threat by the Penguins.

12:35: Green snaps off a wrister from the right poitn through traffic. Johnson snags it with his glove hand.

12:20: Zubrus chosp a low shot on net from the left circle. Johnson boots it out.

11:58: Martin moves off the right point and pumps a slapper on net. Brodeur fights it off. Rupp barges in battling for the rebound but can't get a handle on it.

11:42: Parise blasts a slapper on net from the left wing. Johnson eats it up.

11:40: Arnott beats Letestu on a faceoff in the left faceoff circle. The puck goes to Elias at the point. He immediately strikes a one-timer which blows by Johnson on the far side by his glove hand. That was a laser. Yeesh. Arnott gets the only assist. Penguins 2-1.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}PXT77t22jzY{/youtube}

9:14: Johnson absolutely robs Clarkson on a point blank chance from the right circle. Clarkson whips a wrister on net off a nice feed by Kovalchuk. Johnson fights it off with his chest.

8:18: Parise moves by Engelland behind the Penguins' net and feeds to the slot. Arnott is there and chops a sho on net. Johnson boots it out with his right foot.

7:38: Elias hustles up the left wing, gets a step on Lovejoy and moves in on net. Lovejoy leans on Elias who loses his footing and tumbles without getting a shot off. Lovejoy falls into Johnson and dislodges the net.

7:23: Dupuis is back on a line with Crosby and Kunitz.

6:19: From the slot, Malkin chips a puck to Goligoski sneaking up the left wing. Goligoski takes the puck and cranks a rising wrister from the left circle. Brodeur traps it against his body and freezes play.

4:23: Kunitz sneaks up the left wing and dishes to Crosby trailing on the right wing. With Dupuis driving towards the net. Crosby chops a slapper. Brodeur fights it off.

3:12: Zajac picks up a bouncing puck at the Penguins blue line. He moves by Goligoski who flopped to the ice to block a shot, approaches the net, gets Johnson to over-commit and tries to tuck in a backhander from the left of the cage. He can't quite get the puck into the crease and puts it off the side of the cage.

1:21: Kovalchuk tries to center a puck from the left point. It takes a weird hop off a Penguins defender and deflects directly on net. Johnson is alert and eats it up. MacLean call a time out to organize a night everyone can come over to watch the underrated "Private Resort:"

-We think. Brodeur is pulled for an extra attacker.

0:58: Johnson corrals a puck which is dumped in. He tries to whip it down ice but Langenbrunner is able to collect it well before it approaches the empty cage.

0:11: Kunitz chips a puck off the boards up the left wing. Martin chases it down, moves in on net and deposits into the cage for:

-Oh... and Paul Martin used to be a Devil x7:

-Kunitz gets the only assist. Penguins 3-1.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 3, Devils 1.


-Forget the fact that the Devils were playing without a full roster. The Penguins beat the Devils. Period. That's a huge thing for this team. They haven't beaten them since April of 2009.

-he Penguins defensemen - the ones left standing at the end of the night at least - showed a lot of guts we thought. With Orpik scratched and Michalek going down midway through the game, Engelland and Lovejoy had to pick up extra minutes and responded by playing pretty tough against some world-class players like Kovalchuk and Parise.

-Goligoski and Letang stepped up in a big way and sparked the Penguins offense.

-And Martin returned to his old stomping grounds and was all over the ice.

-Brent Johnson did what he does every time he plays: He gives his team a chance to win.

-A little bit more ammo was supplied to the "Start Johnson and trade Fleury for a scoring wing" crowd.

-Mark Letestu is the Penguins' best player right now. Period.

-Eric Tangradi continues to grow a little bit with each game.

-Even if he didn't record a point, we though Malkin was strong. He set up his teammates with a few quality chances.

-Crosby was strong as well, but both he and Malkin need to produce.

-It produced the game-winning goal, but the power play was 1 for 6 including being blanked on a two-man advantage. Ugh.

-Arnott is still a dangerous player despite being older than dirt.

-Shots were tied, 31-31.

-Letestu led the game with six shots.

-Kovalchuk, Clarkson and Arnott led the Devils with four each.

-Mark Fraser was the only Devils skater who failed to record a shot.

-Goligoski led the game with 27:19 of ice time.

-Greene led New Jersey with 23:50.

-The Devils had a 26-25 edge in faceoffs (51 percent).

-Zubrus was 9 for 11 (82 percent).

-Crosby was 11 for 19 (58 percent).

-Parise led the game with two blocked shots.

-Letang moved past Tyler Kennedy for for 93rd place on the team's scoring list. Letang has 81 points. Kennedy has 80.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.

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