A simple trick for ripening fall tomatoes

Written by Doug Oster on .


Don't let the tomatoes hanging on the vine go to waste, just pick them and put them in a bag with an apple.

The apple produces ethylene gas which helps the tomatoes ripen.

I like to use a paper bag surrounded by plastic. Sometimes if you don't check on the tomatoes frequently enough one will start to rot and make a mess.

Tomatoes that have just started to turn will be helped along and will last into the winter. I usually use my last tomatoes for Thanksgiving dinner.

Think about planting 'Long Keeper,'Winterkeeper' and 'Felix are all tomatoes bred for storage in the winter and can keep until Christmas or beyond if stored at 45-55 degrees.

Some young tomatoes that are truly green probably won't turn so use them as fried green tomatoes or use one of these recipes to create something else with them. They offer a wonderful flavor and should not be wasted.

Think there's enough warm weather left to get some to ripen on the vine? Cut the tops off, the plant panics and will force what's left to ripen.

Winter tomatoes won't compete with something right off the vine, but are better than anything in the store.

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