Red Wings at Penguins - 09-22-10

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Greetings from:

-No, that's not right:

-It's the preseason for us also.

-Welcome to another season of Empty Netter live game blogs. Despite a nasty afternoon storm which produced 60 mph winds, we still made a walk up from downtown.

-If you didn't know Shannon Hall used to be the Try Street Terminal, you do now:

-Old and new Downtown:

-You can still see this Penguins sidewalk drawing:

-Confucius say Jager shots are $5:

-A Mario Lemieux fan walking up Fifth Avenue to...


-The line to get into the new barn:

-And we don't know why, but we always seem to find at least one Mike Rupp jersey:

-A model of the new barn in the lobby of the team's offices:

-And our first ice shot:

-Time to go hunt jerseys.

-Sorry if we're a little late. New building an all. Kind of got lost.

-In many of the stairwells they have many of these old team photos:

-Sidney Crosby Team Canada jersey:

-We're not up on women's fashion, but we're pretty sure this is some sort of purse foul trying when you consider she's trying to combine it with a Jarkko Ruutu jersey:

-Paul Coffey:

-A complicated relationship:

-An early contender for best jersey sighting of the season. Syl Apps, Jr.:

-Markus Naslund:

-Nicklas Lidstrom:

-Ron Francis:

-Big Artie, Kevin Stevens:

-Dear Lord. Is this a Joe Haddad practice jersey?

-Two sharp fans here. They'll be able to keep their new Zbynek Michalek jerseys for five years presumable:

-He'll have to go a long way before he tops the orginial "Z" Penguins defenseman:

-Martin Straka:

-We really like this about the new building. Up in the upper concourse, they have these little "tables" looking out onto the ice. You can just stand there, gobble your nachos and watch Kris Letang miss the net:

-Speaking of nachos:

-Jean Pronovost and Chris Kunitz:

-Alex Kovalev:

-Jaromir Jagr:

-Looking out on Downtown:

-An unreal sight. An escalator:

(Check out the Heath Miller jersey foul.)

-Fans looking out towards downtown:

-Looking out on Uptown:

-This looks so sad:

-Fans entering from Centre Ave:


-Warm ups:

-Marc-Andre Fleury is the first Penguin on the ice. Evgeni Malkin is the last.

-We'll have jersey photos later.

-A tribute for former public address announcer John Barbero is held prior to the national anthem. A moment of silence and then applause.

-And who else but Jeff Jimerson would be here for the anthem?

-Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris Osgood are your starting goaltenders.

-Each team has a million scratches. We're not writing them.

-Sidney Crosby start at center with Evgeni Malkin and Pascal Dupuis on his wings. Brook Orpik and Kris Letang man the points.


20:00: At 7:09 p.m. EDT, Sidney Crosby beats Valterri Filppula for the first unofficial faceoff at Consol Energy Center.

18:39: And that didnt' take long. Mike Comrie sneaks up the right wing fakes a slapper, sneaks in and chucks the a wrister - the first shot in this building - on net. Osgood stops it initially but allows the rebound to hop into the air. Comrie displays some fantastic hand-eye coordination and taps the puck into the net by Osgood on the short side by his glove hand. Brett Sterling and Zbynek Michalek get assists. Penguins 1-0.

{youtube width="480" height="385"}Zofjf0ynrDQ{/youtube}

17:06: Tim Wallace drops Derek Meech with a meaty check behind Detroit's blue line.

15:42: Ilari Filppula is called for hooking. That's two minutes. Sterling, Tyler Kennedy, Mark Letestu, Andrew Hutchingson and Michalek take the ice.

15:23: From the right of the cage, Tyler Kennedy spins and whips a wrister on net. Osgood eats it up.

14:28: Michalek controls the puck on the right point, move in a bit and slides a pass to the slot. Sterling is there and quickly re-directs it on net. Osgood boots it out. Nice save.

13:42: The Detroit penalty ends. The Penguins' power play was aggressive.

13:26: Crosby cracks a slapper from the right wing corner. Osgood fights it off.

12:31: Crosby flies in off the left wing right by Meech. He whips a wrister from the right circle on net attacking Osgood's glove. Osgood stops it but fails to glove the puck. It bobbles around before Crosby is able to poke it in for a goal. Sloppy play by Osgood. Letang and Jesse Boulerice. Penguins 2-0.

Note: The "Hey Song" wasn't played. Not cool. It was that Kernkraft 400 song:

9:42: Evgeni Malkin takes a pass right in front of Osgood, makes a nifty little move and lifts a backhander on Osgood who fights it off.

8:15: And this night could not be going any better for the Penguins. Ryan Craig simply takes a pass from Letestu on the left wing, winds up and pumps a pretty vanilla slapper by Osgood on the stick side. That was a pretty brutal goal for Osgood to let by. Letestu and Orpik get assists. Osgood could make a case for one. Penguins 3-0.

-We didn't pay attention to what song it was. Sorry.

6:31: Boulerice and Aaron Downey square off. They kind of circle each other for 25 seconds or so. They take so long to lock up, fans begin to boo. Boulerice makes the first move and Downey pretty much just hangs on for dear life. Boulerice throw at least 10 wild right and lands about six. A few even make contact with Downey's noggin before he takes a spill with Boulerice on top. We haven't seen anyone's head treated that badly since Oliver Cromwell.

5:29: Comrie has a chance in the slot as he gets behind the defense and creates a mini-breakaway. He tries to move to the backhand but loses control of the puck.

4:33: Off a nifty feed from the left wing corner from Crosby, Sterling takes a tumble in the crease and puts a wrister off the far post. Pascal Dupuis follows up on the rebound but can't put it by Osgood.

3:03: Michalek floats a wrister on net from the left point. Osgood eats it up. Michalek has an underrated offensive aspect to his game.

2:01: Letang stands up Dan Cleary with a solid check.

1:43: Orpik clips Johan Franzen with a dangerous knee on knee hit. Play is halted. Immediately, Todd Bertuzzi, no stranger to dangerous hits himself, jumps Orpik. They mostly wrestle around with Bertuzzi landing a few hits and pinning Oprik to the boards. Franzen is on the ice in a heap. A trainer jumps to the ice to attend to him. He skates off under his own power but with some assistance from a trainer. He retreats to the locker room. Orpik gets a major for kneeing a game misconduct and a major for fighting. Bertuzzi gets an instigating minor and a fighting major. We didnt' get a clear look at the hit, but Orpik more than deserved what he got. Four-on-four for two minutes.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 3, Red Wings 0.


-Well that was a pretty dominant performance. Yeah, it's only a preseason, but this was an aggressive effort by the Penguins.

-Malkin looked a lot better than he did for most of last season.

-Michalek is showing a pretty diverse game.

-Comrie looked like he wants to be a legit top-six forward once again.

-Brett Sterling is playing like he has a real shot at making the NHL roster. He senses the opportunity.

-It would be a stretch to say Eric Tangradi stood out.

-Fleury was hardly test.

-Osgood looked old.

-Franzen missed 55 games last season due to a left knee injury. Thankfully for his sake, it looked like he injured his right knee tonight.

-The Penguins are dominating shots, 20-7.

-Comrie leads the game with five.

-Justin Abdelkader and Mattias Ritola each lead the Red Wings with two.

-The Red Wings have a 15-14 edge in faceoffs (52 percent).

-Abedelkader is 4 for 4 (100 percent).

-Crosby is 8 for 10 (80 percent).

-Brad Stuart lead the game with 8:57.

-Letang lead the Penguins with 8:12.

-Michalek is already lead the game with two blocked shots.

-Jakub Kindl also has two.


19:50: Joe Vitale is called for hooking. The Red Wings will have a four-on-three. Dupuis, Mihalke and Robert Bortuzzo take the ice for the penalty kill.

18:52: Cleary is nabbed for tripping Michalek behind the Penguins' net. Four on-three for 1:02.

18:11: Kindl cranks a slapper from the top of the slot. Fleury fights it off.

16:52: Cleary's penalty is killed. Detroit will have a power play for nine seconds.

16:43: Orpik's major is killed. Malkin leaves the penalty box. The Penguins dodges a bullet.

16:28: Stuart cranks a big slapper from the right point. Fleury fights it off despite traffic.

14:51: Vitale jabs a quick slapper on net from above the left circle. Osgood fights it off despite traffic.

12:34: Malkin is called for boarding Darren Helm. Dupuis, VItale, Michalek and Corey Potter take the ice.

11:16: Kindl chops a quick slapper from the right point right ino Craig who knocks the puck down and throws it down ice in order to change lines.

10:58: Kindl lifts a wrister from the right circle. Fleury gloves it.

10:31: And there goes the shutout. Ruslan Salei controls a bouncing puck at the right point, settles it, winds up, fakes a slapper then fires a quick slapper on net through traffic. It appears to hit something and beats Fleury high by the glove hand. Salei get credit for the goal. Ritola and Filppula get assists. BRENT JOHNSON OR CHARLIE BATCH SHOULD BE STARTING!!!!!! Penguins 3-1.

9:06: Boulerice is called for hooking. MichalekCraig, Dupuis and Bortuzzo take the ice.

8:41: Bortuzzo slides down and blocks a shot by Drew Miller.

7:21: Jonathan Ericsson booms a big slapper from the right point. Fleury kicks it to the opposite corner.

7:06: Boulerice's penalty is killed. The Penguins didn't allow the Red Wings to do much there.

6:32: Crosby, Dupuis and Sterling just put on a dazzling little passing display. Crosby feed it to Dupuis in the right cicle. Dupuis stops it dead and deflects it between his legs and off the skate of Patrick Eaves. Crosby gets it back and taps it to the left of the crease where Sterling is sitting. Sterling simply pushes it by a helpless Osgood on the glove side. Wow. Penguins 4-1.

5:26: Malkin dishes a pass from the slot to Letestu on the right wing. Letestu pumps a wrister on net. Osgood fight it off.

4:54: This is brutal. Kennedy tosses a pedestrian wrister on net from the right wing. Osgood gives up a horrible rebound in the slot. Craig is sitting right there and punches it into the cage as he slides into the crease. That looked like a dek hockey goal. Osgood gets up and sweeps the puck away in disgust. Kennedy and Letestu get assists.  Penguins 5-1.


4:24: Crosby moves in from the left wing and snaps off a wrister from the faceoff circle. Osgood boots it out.

3:01: Kindl, who has been the Red Wings' best player, whips a wrister on net from the right circle. Fleury is square and eats up the puck.

2:52: Attendance is announced as 18,087. It is a sell out.

1:38: Abdelkader makes an nice move out of the right wing corner, gets by Corey Potter and forces a puck into the crease. Fleury is able to hold it out.

1:10: Another penalty for the Penguins. Comrie is called for slashing. Bortuzzo, Dupuis, Craig and Letang take the ice.

1:01: Ericsson whips a wriste ron net from the right wing. Fleury eats it up.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 5, Red Wings 1.


-Things were a little bit more settled down that period. The Penguins got sloppy with some penalties.

-Sterling and Craig are going tooth and nail for a roster spot.

-Sterling looks like he belongs with Crosby. In other words, he's not overwhelmed playing with an MVP candidate.

-Craig has been solid on the penalty kill.

-Michalek continues to look like a fantastic acquisition.

-Bortuzzo has shown a few flashes, particularly in his end of the ice.

-We have yet to notice Eric Tangradi.

-Kindl has been Detroit's best player.

-The Penguins lead in shots, 27-21.

-Crosby leads the game with six.

-Kindl, Abdelkader and Stuart each lead Detroit with three.

-The Red Wings have a 29-24 lead in faceoffs (55 percent).

-Abdelkader is 5 for 5 (100 percent).

-Crosby is 10 for 13 (77 percent).

-Michalek. Six blocked shots. Wow.

-Kindl leads the Red Wings with three.

-Letang and Ericsson each lead the game with 17:10 of ice time.

-Brad Thiessen replaces that bum Fleury. Thomas McCollum takes over for Osgood.


16:38: Ericsson rips a wrister from the left point. Thiessen gloves it with ease.

16:00: Crosby has a sore hip flexor. He is done for the night.

15:00: Sorry for the lack of posts this period. The wireless connection here is v                 e                  r                    y                         s                   l                      o                                w.

12:08: Boulerice has a chance on a two one wone with Comrie but forces a pass right into a sprawled out defender.

12:00: Valterri Filppula puts a wrister on net. Thiessen gloves it.

11:02: Kennedy and Stuart exchange a few thoughts on the Lawrence Batley Theatre. We think. Nothing really comes of it. Each player gets unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

9:58: Off a nice pass by Malkin from the left of the cage, Letang misses the net with a wrister from in tight in the slot. Not a good sign if he's going to be relied on for the power play.

9:00: According to the Detroit Free Press, Franzen has a charley horse.

8:45: Valtteri Filppula is called for hooking Sterling. Letestu, Comrie, Malkin, Letang and Tangradi take the ice.

7:16: Dupuis has a chance in tight on McCollum but can't punch it by him.

7:08: Stuart is called for boarding. The Penguisn will have a two-man advantage for 23 seconds. Malkin, STerling, Letang, Comrie and Kennedy take the ice.

6:45: Valtteri Filppula's penalty is killed. The Penguins still have 1:37 of a one-man advantage.

5:04: Hutchinson whips a wrister on net from the left point. McCollum fights it off

4:58: On a two-on-one, Helm dishes a pass to Eaves on the left wing. Eaves lifts a wrister. Thiesen slides to his left and makes the save. That was a nice save.

3:36: Ilari Filppula makes a nice move off the left wing and lifts a backhander on net. Thiessen comes up with another nice save.

3:14: Mike Modano decides to make his first appearance of the night and takes a penalty. Malkin, Letang, Letestu, Comrie and Tangradi take the ice. Malkin is sort of working the right point, but he's all over the offensive zone really.

2:30: Letestu lifts a wrister on net from the right half wall. McCollum eats it up.

0:00: End of game. Penguins 5, Red Wings 1.


-First things first, Johan Franzen's injury was described as a "thigh" by Mike Babcock. He declined to offer any other specifics or an opinion on the hit.

-What a way to open this barn. A dazzling night for a dazzling facility.

-Before we to happy about this, don't forget, this is a preseason game. You can't really take much out of this from a team end of things.

-Individually, we felt Brett Sterling and Ryan Craig made the most out of their chances. They made their case to make the NHL roster.

-Eric Tangradi was fine in terms of going to the net and creating some havoc, but we thought he was a bit quiet.

-Zbynek Michalek was as advertised. He was everywhere on the penalty kill. He skated well. He was very competent with the puck. He had a very complete game.

-The scary thing is, Michalek isn't completely comfortable with the team's system yet according to Dan Bylsma. Just wait until he's totally on board.

-Brad Thiessen was strong in mop-up duty for Fleury. He made two really nice save - including one on a two-on-one - in the third period. He is entrenched as the organizations No. 3 goaltender.

-Robert Bortuzzo was strong in the defensive zone.

-The Mike Comrie-Evgeni Malkin-Eric Tangradi line had some chemistry.

-Jakub Kindl was Detroit's best player in our opinion.

-Chris Osgood was bad, but he had no help.

-The Penguins ended up with a 37-26 lead in shots.

-Mike Comrie led the game with seven.

-Jonathan Ericsson led the Red Wings with four.

-The Red Wings had a 37-34 edge in faceoffs (52 percent).

-Abdelkader was 7 for 9 (78 percent).

-Crosby was 10 for 13 (77 percent).

-Kris Letang led the game with 25:44 of ice time.

-Jonathan Ericsson led the Red Wings with 25:42.

-Zbynek Michalek led the game with six blocked shots.

-Brian Lashoff led the Red Wings with four.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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