Lettuce plant

Written by Doug Oster on .


Yes, let us plant! I know it's hot, but only for a few more days and putting in some seeds of cool weather crops will keep the season going well into winter.

My two favorites are leaf lettuce and arugula; they both thrive in the cool weather that's coming.

This is when I start moving compost into the garden; I'm not tilling anymore, so I just drop a couple wheelbarrow loads of compost on an empty bed and throw the seeds down. No rows, just French intensive planting. It creates a carpet of greens and they crowd out the weeds.

I'm hunting for cool weather plants at nurseries, if anyone sees any, let me know and I'll spread the word.

There are lots of other seeds to get in the ground now like radish, spinach and kale. The all love the cool weather and fall planting is the best way to get radishes to head up.

I'll talk more about protecting these plants to take them through the winter as we get closer to the cold weather.

September is an important month for us gardeners, lots to plant and do. Check back here as I get my garden in shape for spring by preparing now.

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