Bargains, bargains, bargains

Written by Doug Oster on .


Being cheap has its merits, I should know. I've got short arms and deep pockets. This time of the year nurseries are trying to get rid of annuals and perennials. The annuals have to go; they will only last until spring. The perennials have been at the nursery since early spring and they need to be sold to make room for new stock arriving for fall planting.

They are almost giving the stuff away, and I'm thrilled to get a bargain. There are places in the garden that need color, where early summer perennials have faded.

Good nurseries are the place to go; they take care of the plants better than a box store ever can. If I'm investing my money in a plant, even at a discount, I want it to thrive for the rest of the season.

I picked up a flat of coleus, a nice hanging basket of double impatiens, some geraniums, my favorite new trailing plant begonia 'Bonfire,' and a few nice sized basil plants all at half price.

The season is far from over and many of these plants will love the warm temperatures summer brings.

There's something about getting beautiful plants at a steal that keeps me going during the summer doldrums.

Pick up some plants and get them in the ground, there's plenty of time to enjoy new growth in the garden. Maybe you'll feel the thrill of the bargain too.


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