Our Catholic future

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Regarding the June 27 article "Bishops and Priests and Scoutmasters -- Oh, My!": I do acknowledge that there are many good priests and bishops today. However, 40 years ago (not 20!) the pedophilia problem was occurring. I know the parents of boys who were abused at one parish a long time ago, and to this day, they have lingering psychological trauma.

The then-bishop transferred the priest to another parish where the same scenario occurred. Then he was sent out of state to become principal of a Catholic high school!

Today, we have an acute shortage of priests, so what is the solution? As a lifelong practicing Catholic, I ponder optional celibacy, second career options, the expanded role of women and deacons and a less restrictive environment in seminary life as possible solutions.

Are the bishops and seminary clergy unable to see the forest because the trees are in the way?


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