Confirm Kagan


Within just days of each other, the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings to confirm Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan began in Washington and the National Right to Life Committee held its meeting in Pittsburgh. This coincidence stresses the importance of ensuring judges confirmed to lifetime seats are committed to core constitutional values, including a woman's right to reproductive choice.

On Jan. 22, 1973, the Supreme Court affirmed women's constitutional right to abortion in its landmark Roe v. Wade ruling. The National Council of Jewish Women recognizes that this right continues to be under attack in courtrooms across the country, as anti-choice judges who hold lifetime seats on the federal bench hand down dangerous and restrictive rulings.

NCJW members from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia continue to work vigorously, educating and mobilizing a diverse coalition within Pennsylvania to promote a federal bench with judges who support fundamental constitutional freedoms, including a woman's right to reproductive choice.

NCJW is proud to endorse Solicitor General Elena Kagan to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. NCJW believes Ms. Kagan is eminently qualified to serve on our nation's highest court.

Throughout her career, Ms. Kagan has demonstrated her understanding of the impact that the law and court decisions have on our everyday lives. She has opposed discrimination against LGBT law students and has advocated for limits to corporate power in elections. Ongoing efforts to erode reproductive justice in our nation must not find a haven in our federal courts. We believe that Ms. Kagan is a nominee who shares the commitment to constitutional right to privacy including reproductive rights and should be confirmed to serve as the next associate justice of the Supreme Court.

State Public Affairs Chair, Pennsylvania
National Council of Jewish Women
Squirrel Hill

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