This is no spill


There are hundreds of oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico. Holy slick! I wonder how many are leakers?

One other thing.

Why do the media keep calling this 70-plus days of thousands of barrels of oil being let loose in the Gulf of Mexico a "spill." It's certainly not a glass of milk or a shot of whiskey being tipped over onto the kitchen table or bar counter.

It is not a "spill." Exxon Valdez was close to a "spill." Oil "spilled" out.

Deep Horizon is a flood that keeps on flooding, and I really think the oil companies just do not know how to handle the flood. Has any other oil company lent assistance to BP or are the other companies sitting around waiting for BP to drown in its gusher?

Yet one more question.

We have a bunch, though probably not that big a bunch any longer, of machine and tool-and-die shops across the country, yet we haven't heard about any of them sending in ideas with stopping mechanisms for the gusher well. And I'm hoping they asked to help. Maybe even they were asked to help, though I doubt that one.

Maybe there's a story there.


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