Where are the jobs?


By the end of June with unemployment benefits phasing out, many Americans will not have an income because they can no longer file for emergency unemployment compensation benefits. I suspect this will continue to grow rapidly in the coming months.

Those in professional jobs are having the hardest time finding work in their fields or coming close to previous salaries. For every job opening, there are thousands of applicants, which makes it difficult to find work.

Let's be real for a minute: Few jobs are available, but according to poll takers, unemployment rates are dropping. I want to say, "Take a real poll about what is going on, then you will find the truth." The individuals getting unemployment benefits are not getting jobs; they're exhausting benefits.

What I don't understand is why Congress did not set up an unemployment system that would allow individuals who were laid off as little as six months ago to continue to have unemployment compensation benefits (some individuals have had benefits for 99 weeks because of multiple extensions). I suggest that Congress pass a bill that makes sense when unemployment is at a high rate to prevent this consistent need to keep voting to extend benefits.

With the state of the economy and its slow rebound, what are Americans to do? Where are the jobs? I wish I knew the answer to that, because I would share the "big secret."


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