So, who is it this coming year?

Written by Mike White on .

This guy isn't around any more --- we all know that, he's in Columbus now.


So we've advanced to a new era in Western Pennsylvania football. Call it A.P. --- After Pryor.

Now, looking ahead (and as crazy it might seem, the opening night of the football season is a mere 52 days away) who is next? 

Who are going to be this year's studs?

Gateway's duo of Corey Brown and Dorian Bell, perhaps?

Penn Hills' Dan Mason and Brandon Ifill?

Seneca Valley rocket armed QB C.J. Brown?

Will the best player in the area still reside in Jeannette? Will it be Jordan Hall?

What about Beaver Falls' Todd Thomas? He can really play, right?

So, to kind of open it up with our new blog -- and look ahead to the season -- take a couple minutes, sign up for an account (it cannot be too hard if an idiot like me did it) and tell everyone who you feel will be THE MAN this year.   


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