Rest in peace, Tom Borrelli

Written by Mike White on .

Colin Dunlap | 12:35 a.m. Friday, Nov. 21

This is just terrible news, and something that hits close to home for me:

Tom Borrelli, a Buffalo News sportswriter critically injured two weeks ago in a fall down a steep staircase, died this morning of complications from the fall. He was 51.

Borrelli was injured while covering a high school football game for The Buffalo News at All High Stadium. He scaled the approximately dozen metal stairs to the press box, before apparently striking his head on a steel girder and falling backward down the stairs.

Now, I've covered more high school football games than I can count, scaling aluminum, wooden, cement and composite stairs in making my way to the press box and, in truth, never given a thought to being extra careful until now. On top of that, a lot of times when I'm finished filing my story after games, the lights in the stadium have been turned out, making navigating my way down the steps much, much tougher than the climb up them prior to the contest. Throw in rain, snow and sometimes ice, and the bleachers can be downright treacherous.  

I just feel for Tom's family tremendously. This is a terrible situation. The guy left his home to cover a high school football game, and never made it back.

You can read the full story about Tom Borrelli --- HERE

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