Question of week: Connecticut women vs. Mt. Lebanon boys?

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By Mike White | Tuesday, March 23, 2011, 1:05 a.m.

Blog future note: I'll have a live blog tonight from the Palumbo Center on the Hampton-Char Valley game as well as the Sewickley Academy-Lincoln Park game, with some reports and notes on other games in area.

Let's play "what if."

What if we could get a game together between the Connecticut women and the Mt. Lebanon boys' team. Who would win? What if Kalena Greene, below, went against Paul Lang?

This subject of top womens' college team vs. a high school boys' team comes up every so often in our sports department. And we debate it. So we decided to put the question to the public this week. How about you tell us.

Every week in our Varsity Xtra section, we have a question of the week. This week it is: If the Connecticut women would play the Mt. Lebanon boys, who would win? To vote, click here: Or if you want to leave your thoughts on the subject, go to the comments section of this blog.

Of course we know this could never happen, but it is fun to debate and hear people's opinions. Actually, in my eyes, there is no debate. One team would definitely win by double digits. That team would be the Mt. Lebanon boys. There are over 500 people who already have voted on this subject. It's shocking to me that 75 percent say the Connecticut women would win. Wow. Hard to believe. Maybe it's just me but when the other team is a lot bigger, stronger, quicker, faster and shoots just as well as the other team, who do you think will win?

But what do you think?


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