Be super, Pittsburgh: Honor Gene Kelly

Written by Susan Mannella on .

There's a town in Illinois called Metropolis and it recently unveiled a statue of Superman's girlfriend, Lois Lane. Her former home was in the brush of a cartoon artist. And in this day and age, explain why Pittsburgh can't find any space for a statue of one of its most famous sons, the great Gene Kelly.

I am a retired New Yorker and will be 81 on Father's Day. I have some blue and down days, like many of us octogenarians. My therapy? My DVD recorder. I just push the play button and go back to 1942 to be enchanted while watching two legends, Gene Kelly and Judy Garland, singing and dancing to "The bells are ringing, for me and my gal."

I truly doubt that looking at a statue of Clark Kent's friend could ever do much for my spirits, but, then again, I'm not from Krypton.

Bedford, Pa.

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