Israel not to blame

Written by Tom Waseleski on .

Does Israel cause mistreatment of Christians by Arabs?

I am saddened that some church leaders in the Middle East could attribute the blame for poor treatment of Christians in Arab lands to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, especially after suggesting that Christians are denied citizenship status because they are not Muslim.

It is worth noting that democratic Israel grants citizenship and representation in government to her Christian and Arab citizens. It is also worth noting that most of these same countries tolerate no Jewish inhabitants at all.

The Vatican is seeking to call attention to the serious problems faced by Christians in the Middle East and work toward a solution ("Vatican Suggests World Ignores Christians in Mideast," June 7). Blaming Israel is as disheartening as it is futile. I am sure those same nations will gleefully let church leaders place blame on Israel, but with no intention of changing their stance toward the Christians in their midst.


Squirrel Hill

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