Israel's actions

Written by Tom Waseleski on .

Rabbi Ezra Ende's June 7 Perspectives piece is full of Zionist propaganda and spin ("Israelis Want Peace: But They Also Must Protect Themselves From Attacks by Hamas"). Does anyone still buy the perpetual victim myth?

A full week before the May 31 incident, Israeli newspapers reported that elite commando forces would not allow the Freedom Flotilla to achieve its stated goal of delivering humanitarian aid to the Palestinians and breaking the Israeli-imposed blockade.

It is against international law to interfere with a humanitarian vessel, and these vessels that the elite commandoes assaulted were in international waters and not in Israeli waters. Why does Zionist Israel believe it alone can pick and choose which laws to ignore?

The Freedom Flotilla proved that Gaza is still occupied. Israel controls Gaza's borders, air space, coastline. Many have called Gaza an open-air prison and the malnutrition is so severe that children are experiencing stunted growth due to the Israeli siege and destruction of cultivated land.

Of course Israelis want peace, but not enough to stop assassinations, land thefts, poisoning water wells, home demolitions, indefinite detention without charge even for children, shooting peaceful protesters, checkpoints, maiming, torture and taking over Palestinian homes and farmland.

Rabbi Ezra, please explain to me why Jews have dual citizenships, while Palestinians have none?

Israel has a lot more to answer for than the Freedom Flotilla.



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