Lethal driving

Written by Tom Waseleski on .

As the rains finally part and we feel the sunshine of summer, it is easy to drive a little faster and feel a little freer. For functional and marketing reasons, driving is viewed as a commute or a recreation, and we forget that behind 2,000 pounds of steel, we are really operating heavy machinery at a very fast pace. Operated aggressively, your vehicle becomes a weapon. Operated with negligence, your weapon becomes lethal.

As someone who has been hit by a car and lives to tell, I feel obligated to appeal to the drivers of Pittsburgh and ask that you put down your cell phones and iPhones and Blackberries and bring your full, undivided attention to the task of driving.

I was hit as a pedestrian, and I was crossing in a marked crosswalk. I was not jaywalking in any sense of the term. I am lucky and feel blessed to be alive today. I am devastated every time I read about a pedestrian or biker being killed on the road. I don't want that to be me or you.

Squirrel Hill

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