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Written by Tom Waseleski on .

As a longtime Regent Square resident, I was disappointed to see the Post-Gazette's coverage of a meeting attended by approximately 150 people limited to a photo captioned "Emotional Meeting" (June 8). While it was emotional -- how could a proposed memorial to two children not be -- it was also civil and substantive.

I have spent years engaged in public policy debates. Building a memorial -- of any kind -- in a designated public space requires a public discussion, even when there is a very generous benefactor. However, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy decided to put out a request for proposals for only this particular site, which already has a plethora of parking and traffic issues -- without first consulting the neighborhood.

It strikes me that while the proposed "Treehouse" would serve as a wonderful play space for children -- particularly those from all over the county who attend the adjacent Environmental Charter School -- it will also necessarily preclude many neighborhood-based activities that already use the space. The parks conservancy-designated space is also already the home of a revered community war memorial.

I believe the conservancy erred in asking for proposals for only this site. As stated at the meeting, I and many others would simply ask that the conservancy revisit the RFP and ask for alternative proposals before making a decision to proceed at this particular Frick Park location.


Regent Square

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