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Written by Tom Waseleski on .

Nicholas D. Kristof's column faulting Catholic theology on the sanctity of all human lives over the incident of a nun's excommunication for permitting an abortion to save the mother's life ("Sister Margaret's Choice," May 28) is very unfair.

If it is assumed that all human life is equally valuable in the sight of God and that a fetus is a human life, then an abortion to end the life of a fetus is murder.

If two humans are in a lifeboat and they have only enough food and water to permit only one of them to survive until help arrives, is it justifiable to kill one so that the other can live?

Our legal system and Catholic teachings both say that in that situation, killing one of the two is murder.

Once it is assumed acceptable to enable a person to live by killing someone else who isn't trying to take another's life, the lid is opened to a Pandora's box of justification for killing. Where would Mr. Kristof and other critics of Catholic teaching draw the line?

Sister Margaret McBride was fully aware of Catholic teaching in that matter. Her excommunication was a moral statement. Nobody forced her to be a Catholic and to be an administrator at a Catholic hospital.

South Side

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