Get to know the candidates by following contributions

Written by Tom Waseleski on .

There are important elections coming in November. Although our election campaigns are far too long and obscenely expensive, we need to find out the truth about the candidates who are striving to represent us.

The truth will not be found in the attack ads that will be run endlessly, nor will the whole truth be found in self-serving e-newsletters sent to their constituents by those already in office. The light of truth can be shed on their governing positions by finding out who the large contributors to the candidates' campaigns are and how much organizations such as health insurance, pharmaceutical companies, the National Rifle Association and labor unions give to influence the votes of those they support so generously.

Begin by asking the candidates to reveal the campaign contributions they receive now and, if applicable, how much they have received in the past from their large funders. Follow the money and you will have a much clearer understanding of who the candidates are and why they support the things they do.


Mt. Lebanon

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