Issue One: The disaster in the gulf

Written by Susan Mannella on .

We're all at fault

The June 9 letter by Robert C. Faulkner Jr. ("Don't Blame BP") was an interesting take on the BP oil tragedy. We Americans are pretty good at pointing fingers at others, but forget that we have three other fingers pointing back at us.

Every adult in this country shares responsibility for the tragedy in the Gulf. We want cheap petroleum products. We want no sacrifice on our part. How many of us are truly interested in alternative energy resources, especially if development would mean raising taxes (gasp, cough, choke, wheeze ...)?

And we want no government, except when there is a disaster to clean up.

Will the United States become a footnote to history because we became shortsighted, selfish and visionless? We shall see.



A fatal blow

News obituaries: "Gulf of Mexico

300 million years ago to 2010" The Gulf of Mexico, which was home to millions of animals, people, livelihoods and beautiful memories, died this year due to man-made causes: greed, arrogance, ignorance and stupidity.

May God forgive us, for we are all to blame.


West Deer

Failure to plan

In observing the tragedy of the most recent oil spill as well as other major man-made errors in recent and distant history, I remembered the teachings of two past mentors.

The first was my football coach in 1945, whose philosophy was, "If you put forth your best effort at what you do, we will win more than we lose." It still works today.

My other mentor was an administrator at a private school in Denver, where I was to replace him as he moved forward. We chatted for a few hours about the job and he said: "You really only have to remember one word — anticipate — and you will usually make the right decision, looking like a genius."

Our presidents, Congress and staff, in general, have failed to look ahead and plan for the future, good or bad, and we continue to pay for it as a nation. This is not just the present administration; it is historic. We continue to blame everyone and everything except ourselves.

My suggestion for our future is to anticipate and be ahead of tragedies and erred judgment.



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