Net neutrality means thwarting corporate greed

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I recall reading PG TechMan Ced Kurtz's column regarding a recent court ruling on net neutrality ("Congress, FCC Should Increase Internet Access," April 11).

This ruling suggests that the Federal Communications Commission could not prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking content or deciding which websites customers could see and at what speeds ("FCC Claims Power Over Internet Access Firms," May 7).

Net neutrality means keeping the Internet free and open and preventing ISPs from essentially turning the Internet into an online version of cable TV. This would allow ISPs to package access to the Internet in the same way they do cable services and further gouge consumers.

We in the United States already pay far more for Internet access than anywhere in the world and at slower speeds.

Due to this high cost, millions of Americans cannot afford Internet access today and many rural areas are without access at all. We're far behind many industrialized countries in terms of Internet access

Now comes Americans for Prosperity, a corporate front group funded in part by telecom companies themselves, running commercials saying net neutrality is a "government takeover of the Internet."

In fact, what the government wants to do is prevent ISPs from blocking content -- forcing consumers to pay more for access to certain websites -- and thus keep the Internet as vibrant as it is today.

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