Our gas wealth isn't going anywhere

Written by Susan Mannella on .

In regard to Marcellus shale gas drilling, we need to slow down! No one can truthfully argue that it is in our interests as Pennsylvanians to roll out gas wells at a lightning pace with little regulation.

No, we have to live here 30 years from now and our children for the next 70 years. We have learned from the past coal booms: a legacy of toxic orange streams devoid of all life and destroyed landscapes is not good for anyone. Maintaining our trout streams and drinking water supplies is the prerogative of all Pennsylvanians. After all, what is more important than clean drinking water?

We have learned that for every boom there is a bust and that the smaller the boom then the smaller the bust. Our natural gas wealth is not going anywhere. We can call the shots here. You cannot outsource natural gas production. With new discoveries of fossil fuels in short supply don't let anyone lie to you and tell you that the energy majors will just go elsewhere to get at the goods. We're one of the only games in town!

We have a chance here to make sure that this process unfolds in such a way that it is a boon to Pennsylvanians rather than turning our fair commonwealth into another colony whose natural resources are to be ravaged by the global economy.

To all those politicians: Stick up for Pennsylvania. Are you working for the global economy or are you working for your commonwealth and neighbors? The time has come to choose a side.

To all Pennsylvanians: Do you live in a Third World colony or are you a free and independent people fighting for your land and your life?

East Allegheny

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