Foolish decisions

Written by Susan Mannella on .

The May 18 Post-Gazette featured yet another absurd pronouncement from our "boy-mayor" ("Mayor Balks at Giving More Money to Libraries") -- and on the front page, no less!

Luke Ravenstahl doesn't want to give the libraries more than $600,000 (although City Council wants to fund them more effectively), but he was more than willing to give public works employees the week off with pay during "snowmageddon!" And he hired snowplow freelancers without any contracts or pay guidelines, costing the taxpayers a fortune!

I suspect that most residents would rather have quality libraries for the year than a few days of inadequate, overpriced snow-removal not utilizing city workers who were already being paid. What nonsense! This certainly shows us where his priorities are.

It truly is a disgrace that we have to put up with his foolishness for almost four more years.

Squirrel Hill


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