Help the homefront

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Watching the devastation to the Gulf Coast, why are those in Hollywood not helping the home turf, their fellow U.S. brothers and sisters? We've seen massive fundraisers for Haiti, and they continue.

How can they sit back and watch what happens to our fishermen and their families, our waters, our sea life and every environmental food chain that relies on the ocean and do nothing? It makes me cringe that we are always so concerned about everyone else but forget about our own so easily.I haven't heard of one donation, charity event, auction or song to help the fishermen who could lose their homes or the seagulls/turtles/manatees covered in oil. We will be feeling this devastation for years to come.Fishermen's families will be homeless, our fish will be contaminated, sea bird egg shells will be too weak to mature, turtles/dolphins/manatees will die from contaminated food sources.Where is the love for your own?

Mount Washington

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