Yes to small schools

Written by Susan Mannella on .

Gregory Wittig's April 28 Perspectives piece ("Why Not Small Schools?") is very relevant to the people of Carlynton and Keystone Oaks school districts. The school boards of both of these school districts have hired an architectural firm to conduct a feasibility study regarding the future of certain schools.

In each case the threat of school consolidation looms over the districts with the majority of the residents opposed to it. School board officials in Carlynton have been quoted as saying they will do what is best for the school district when the time comes for the decision. That is to be assumed, but what is really meant by that statement?Of the schools being considered for consolidation, two of them have tested (PSSA) at quite a high level. Keystone Oaks' Aiken Elementary school is currently ranked in the top 3 percent statewide while Crafton Elementary is ranked in the top 7 percent statewide. Most school districts would die to have schools performing at this level, yet both schools are on the chopping block for possible closures. These schools should be held up as models for what works in a school and not under the threat of closure.The architects of the economically driven feasibility studies are not educators and thus are not qualified to determine what is best for the school districts of Carlynton and Keystone Oaks. These districts need to recognize what they have at Crafton and Aiken elementary schools and take the school consolidation option off the table.

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