Government is a safer bet any day over corporate giants

Written by Susan Mannella on .

I heard an interesting opinion poll on a local right-leaning radio station recently that is illuminative of the GOP's current shortsighted dogma.

The question was "Do you trust the federal government to look out for your best interests?" A more appropriate question would have been, "Whom do you trust more to look out for your best interests? a) the federal government, or b) BP, Goldman Sachs, Massey Energy, Highmark, etc." This is the real choice we have when it comes to regulation at the state and federal level.

You may say, neither, that you simply will not do business with these Goliaths, and that the "market" will fix them. Well, in reality, the economy is far too complex and multilayered for you to make that decision stick. Each of these companies has its hand in every one of our pockets in one way or another. Whether through wholesale resale relationships with other customer-facing companies, sub-contractors or business-to-business service relationships, you do not have a choice as to whom you ultimately do business with. Their bottom line trumps your interests.

We consumers all need a big dog in this fight, and that dog is federal and state government and their regulatory authority. While they are imperfect, they are the only effective option we have in this opaque economy. I bet the Tom Corbetts, Pat Toomeys, Tim Murphys, Tim Burns and the rest of the GOP trust BP and Goldman!


Mt. Lebanon


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