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Regarding "Port Authority Warned of Layoffs and Route Cuts Without More State Aid (May 28 Web):

I would like to point out an error or at minimum a misleading statement by Port Authority CEO Steve Bland. The article quotes him as saying, "The decision in April by the Federal Highway Administration to turn down a second state request to make Interstate 80 a toll road has created a transportation crisis across Pennsylvania."

This is not true. The Port Authority and other governmental agencies or quasi-governmental agencies have created this situation through gross mismanagement and overspending and consistently relying on taxpayer assistance and lately blatant bailouts similar to AIG, General Motors and several banks with one minor exception. The Port Authority has no intention of ever paying these bailout funds (taxpayer money) back.

An example of this is the Pittsburgh Dig. Before this tunnel was started and overbudget for the construction, I have tried to find out how this project would impact the Port Authority's annual operations once it was completed. Will it cover its own annual operating expenses and debt service and be self-supporting or will it add to the existing Port Authority deficit? I have never gotten an answer to this question and have been told by at least one legislator that they too asked this question and they were not given an answer either.

I should look into the line on this at the new casino and bet my house on it increasing the annual operating deficit at the Port Authority. Who will the authority go to in order to get the funds to cover these additional losses? My guess the taxpayers. Another good bet.


West Deer


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