Candidates say the darndest lying things

Written by Reg Henry on .

The Internet here at the PG has been out much of the day. Apparently the steam turbine that drives our Internet operations has broken a gasket or else the stokers could not feed the furnace with sufficient back copies to keep the fire up. I would apologize for this if I had anything to do with it. As I do not, I will merely express sorrow and regret.

Before links to the outside world were severed, several Reg-ulators noted the lies that have been flying in the 12th Congressional District race to replace late U.S. John Murtha.

A story in the PG Saturday noted that Fox 53 pulled an ad by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee on behalf of Mark Critz that says Tim Burns, the Republican candidate, supports a national sales tax without saying that if such a tax were introduced, other taxes would be reduced. In other words, it's dishonest claptrap.

But if a station pulled one ad in this race, it really ought to have pulled them all. Deceptive ads are universal in the 12th District - and when they are not deceptive they are merely ridiculous.

Both Burns and Critz have been trying to out-God, out-pro-life and out-gun each other. (Nobody is struck by the irony of being pro-life and pro-gun at the same time; it just hasn't occurred to any candidate that while guns may be necessary for self-defense, they are also agents of death).

No matter who wins, I think the voters of the 12th District lose.

By the way, change is coming to this site - and you know my motto, "All progress isn't." We are switching to a new system called Joomla (and, no, I don't know if it is Swahili).

As an office memo tells it, some inconvenience can be expected. "One of our big concerns are your loyal readers ... and what they can expect is the same great material from you on a new platform that we hope they will find more stable and accessible and that you will find easier to use as well.

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This will occur on Thursday, May 21. More instructions will follow as they become available.

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