Statues on the cheap

Written by Doug Oster on .


Last week I was driving home from a speaking gig at West Overton Museum's Tomato Festival (something you should check out next year) and when I got off the turnpike the parkway was backed up so I got off and started meandering back home through backroads. When I drove by Amato's Nursery they had a sign that said "garage sale." I drove in, looked around and met the owner who had lost a leg and was in a wheelchair. He was closing the business, but he was wonderful salesman to the last.

He had a wheelbarrow, a table and then I asked about statues. I bought one of a young boy holding a birdbath on his head. It was mismatched, but he gave me a great deal on it. It was heavy and his wife helped me load it in the truck. He yelled instructions "put your body on his butt and then lift with your legs." I yelled back, "I just want to buy him, not marry him." The statue I really wanted was inside and had a sold sign on it. He started to pitch, but his wife said she was saving it for him. It used to be in front of his house. He insisted on selling it, and it was cheap. It's not for everyone, but I love it, reminds me of Italy.

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