The wrong plant for the right place

Written by Doug Oster on .


Sometime you put a small transplant into a container with the best intentions. I love sweet potato vine, this one works will paired with red begonias and caladiums, but it's got too long and is now growing on the ground. I've got the plant growing in other containers that allow for the vine to dangle in the air, which looks so much better. Live and learn I guess, on thing that's kind of cool about sweet potato vine is...

...that at the end of the season there will be a little sweet potato in the soil. It's edible, but I'm told it's not very tasty. But that tuber can be saved in the same way dahlias, caladiums and cannas are stored for the winter. Put them in vermiculite and then store them in a cool place that doesn't freeze. Then next season bring them back out, pot them up and start the vine growing again. Next year maybe I'll remember how long they grow.

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