Garlic tasting

Written by Doug Oster on .

Planting garlic this time of the year is wonderful, especially with lots of different varieties. Every year I get a wide variety of garlics to plant and each one has its own specific character. Last night I planted about eight different types of garlic. I used to be able to crank out that type of easy planting without a break, but as I've gotten older it's enjoyable to sit in the corner of the garden looking up at the clouds every so often. While sitting there separating the cloves I decided to take a little taste of each one. I was planting 'Brown Tempest,' 'Asian Tempest,' 'Italian' (northern Italy), 'Italian' (southern Italy), 'Vostini,' 'Chesnok Red,' 'Russian Red' and my favorite 'Music.'

Do not attempt this at home unless you have a very understanding significant other because you will really smell. My wife complained bitterly this morning that she couldn't sleep due to my "horrendous" breath. Then we went for a run together early this morning and all that garlic joined the sweat bringing more complaints.

I was in heaven though sitting in the garden as my palate considered sweet, hot and mild garlics. The 'Italian' from the north was wonderful, 'Music' is a great one and 'Chesnok Red' was filled with fire, in a good way. Each one offered something different and I can't wait until next summer to harvest the bulbs and experiment with them in the kitchen.

Until then I just tell my wife, this stuff is good for you, regardless of how it smells.


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