Persistant pansies make winter more bearable

Written by Doug Oster on .

It's hard to believe after such cold temperatures and a deep layer of snow that there could still be flowers blooming in the garden. Pansies are renown for their hardiness, but I've never had them survive this long. These were planted at the end of the season in pots close to the house. I made sure to give them lots of water before the real cold temperatures arrived. During a cold snap, they looked terrible, but when the weather got back to the 30's, they perked up. I've experimented with lots of different plants this year to see how long they can survive this time of the year. It's been much more successful than I thought and this week I'll chronicle some of the others that are thriving.

When plants bloom away from the crush of garden chores, they shine in the garden. Since they are just about the only thing flowering, they take center stage. Spending time studying the intricacies of the flowers is time well spent. The winter break from the garden allows time to reflect on the season and to plan for the next, but having something in bloom outside around Christmas makes winter pass by a little quicker.

The spring crop of pansies will hopefully consist of anything that makes it the whole winter, along with fresh plants from the nursery planted in late March, and that's right around the corner.


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