More plants that winter just won't kill

Written by Doug Oster on .

Hens and Chicks is the common name for lots of different plants from the Crassulacea family. They are indestructible and can take weeks (maybe months) without water. I often see people trying unsuccessfully to grow all sorts of plants in strawberry pots, but these plants thrive in that situation.
There are well over 1000 species with all sorts of forms and colors. I've got some that stay outside all winter and others that will come inside during cold temperatures. There's really only one thing that will kill them and that's too much water, so keep them on the dry side.

Succulents are fascinating and anything that can survive such a wide range of conditions is perfect for any garden.


But there are still things in the garden that can be eaten. On Christmas Eve I went out and removed a floating row cover held down by six inches of snow and it revealed some leaf lettuce. I was able to pick enough to use as a bed for grilled scallops drizzled with a balsamic reduction. It was just fun to be able to harvest something in the winter. There's also garlic chives and parsley surviving in a pot outside the back door.

Experimenting with hardiness in plants is a great winter pastime for gardeners.

Stop back tomorrow, I just received an incredible book about hostas, and there are some varieties that I'm drooling over, I'll share them with you.


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