Nature is resilient: Spring bulbs are here!

Written by Doug Oster on .

daffsThere's something to be said for spring bulbs planted close to the house. These daffodils came up during a thaw in January and then were crushed by two feet of snow. It was exhilarating to lie on the cold stone walkway getting a close look for some photos. Even though they were flattened under the weight of the show, milder temperatures and warmth from the brick house have resurrected the greens.

They look tired, but in a couple days will stand tall waiting for 50 degree highs to unleash their blooms. They were planted by the previous owners, I've lived here 11 years and every season they bloom reliably just after the crocus. The daffodils are planted in consort with blue hyacinths, which are just poking through providing a perfect combination.


It will be interesting this year to follow the progress of plants to see if the tough winter has affected them. Keeping records of such things is a great thing for gardeners to do.

It's also an easy way to remember where the spring bulbs sprouted when planting again in the fall.


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